Kim Kardashian


Our first thought when we saw Kim Kardashian in this ventilated denim was, why not just wear shorts?

The future Mrs. Kanye West seems to be getting most of the benefits of daisy dukes without the sexy leg exposure. It's like, why install a window when a door would be better? The answer might be "cool factor"as in, North's mama is rocking the latest and greatest in jean design. We're just not sure we agree...

The cream-colored tank and blazer are a perfect pairing with this light-washed bottom, and we love the choice of a simple pump. But is that just too long a rip to look sane? Would it be better as several sideways tears versus one, giant vertical hole?

The answer may be yes, but there's something more interesting and edgy about this new take. We're not sure we love it, but at least the reality star is taking a fashion risk. For that reason we're inclined to say, "gotta have it," but if there was a "gotta appreciate it!" option, we'd probably choose that option. What's your say?

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What's your take on Kim's wide-open jeans?
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