Rita Ora


What exactly would you call the piece of black fabric sitting on top of Rita Ora's shoulders? A mini-cape? A biker shawl? The top portion of a fringed leather jacket? Or maybe the best answer is, a mistake?

We can't decide if the "Torn Apart" singer's cropped piece is a smart risk or a total fail, nor do we know if the rest of the look is helping or hurting. In fact, the only thing we can say for sure is that this is the first of whatever this thing is that we've ever seen!

Not to be nitpicky, but the white tank sitting under this fringed situation is feeling a bit too long against those leather pants. The proportions on this awkward style are already off, and that super-stretched torso effect isn't helping. We're big fans of the leather moto pants and matching booties, which is a plus, but the eye is just instantly drawn to everything going on up top, and we're not sure we can let the weird wear slide.

What's your take? Does this edgy Brit get points for creativity? Or should this shawl be part of some goth rodeo show instead? We say, "make it stop," but you be the judge!

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