Lupita Nyong'o


She takes to the gritty streets of Gotham cloaked in black with a pop of the season's hottest color, her eyes are shielded by the world's most fashionable shades. No hot mess or fashion fail stands a chance of skirting her expert sniff. She's Lupita Nyong'o: Fashion Detective!

(Cue fierce-sounding theme song)

Looks like poor Carmen Sandiego's days as the most style-conscious sleuth are officially over. The Academy Award winner is looking about as chic as it gets for a crime-solver, or any human really.

We probably don't need to call out the fact that the Kenyan beauty is wearing an incredibly shaped formal swing coat with perfectly faded denim. You've no doubt noticed the cozy mustard scarf giving this winter feel a burst of spring. And yes, those are hot-but-grungy rolled-down lace-up boots. Perhaps a gift from her BFF Jared Leto?

But for us, it is all about that hat. Naturally, this bold actress can pull it off without looking too ridiculous, not unlike another world famous detective with an iconic head topper. Though Sherlock could never handle a task as tricky as weighing fashion wrongs and rights. Look out New York, this public private eye is coming to get you!

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