Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss

JDH Imagez / Splash News

Okay. We're starting to get a little creeped out by Taylor Swift and the fraternal twin fashions.

First she stepped out in matching Catholic school girl looks with Lorde. Now she's matching muted tones with her latest gal pal Karlie Kloss. Do we have a Single White Female situation on our hands, or is this more of a closet co-dependence problem? It can't be that the "Red" singer is only friends with ladies who appreciate her exact same look, right? Somewhere there's a text that reads, "let's wear grey today!"

But whether or not America's sweetheart is actually a Regina George in disguise, these two A-listers both look way too boring for a ladies night out in NYC! The "Trouble" crooner might be showing off her absolutely perfect pins, but the rest of her attire looks like yet another school uniform gone slightly sexy. And the Victoria's Secret Angel looks even more formal! Her grey dress is itty-bitty, but the color combo is drab and those flat sandals are better fit for a BBQ.

We respect these two red carpet regulars taking a night off from the crazy coutures, but if they're going to coordinate, it may as well be with some actual color!

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