Jennifer Lopez

Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Betty Smith might want to change the title of her famous novel to A Tree Grows on a Bronx Baby.

We know Jennifer Lopez's body looks perfect in this Zuhair Murad cocktail frock, but there's something so spooky about those blue, sparkly vines! It's like the American Idol judge is some kind of Transformer toy but instead of shifting from robot to car, she's going sexy star to Sleepy Hollow set piece!

Maybe the effect would be less awkward minus the high neckline? Or would shorter sleeves solve the problem? What if the color was brighter and happier like pink or red? Hhmm, anything in the insides-colored category might turn these vines into veins, making J.Lo less tree creature and more anatomy class experiment...

The fact that we can't come up with a solution probably makes this fashion risk a miss for the edgy dresser. But if she wants to recycle this around Halloween time, a simple black crow perched on her shoulder would totally complete the look.

Tune-in to the Fashion Police: MTV Movie Awards Special tonight at 9/8c on E!

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