Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne


It's like Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne called each other up and said, "let's dress up like fraternal twins with absolutely nothing in common and head to lunch!"

Now we can officially add the international fashion model to the ever growing list of the "22" singer's contrasting celebrity friends. Though, at least when Lorde hangs out with the blonde beauty, she attempts to dress like a Tay-Tay devotee. Together these two look like the captain of the cheerleading squad was forced to be friends with the head of the art club.

We love the fact that opposites attract, style-meets-friendship wise. Taylor's signature sweet dresses are what makes her America's Sweetheart, and this floral print black-and-white version is as quintessential country crossover as it gets. The catwalk queen, on the other hand, never met a wild pant and baggy t-shirt that she didn't love. Her Kurt Cobain 2.0 take is a welcome change from all those wild runway looks, but doesn't hide the true beauty of her gorgeous face.

So what unexpected pairing is next for Taylor? We vote ice cream with Marilyn Manson and shoe shopping with Nicki Minaj.

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