Taylor Swift, ACM Awards 2014

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

It's like Taylor Swift is trying to make history in every category she can claim. The "Trouble" singer is the youngest ever CMA entertainer of the year, has dated what may be the highest percentage of music's hottest men, and just successfully rocked the first ever black tie cropped top. What's next??

We feel like a broken record calling this J. Mendel combo the country darling's best look yet, so we'll just call it her most impressive to date. Somehow it manages to pack as much heat and edge as it does class!

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Three things make this ensemble more than just a belly shirt and skirt:

1. The color combo. Black-and-white is the definition of formal, and the "22" singer knows that if you're going to go with a good amount of edge, keeping the shades simple is always best.

2. The sophisticated cut. Tay-Tay isn't wearing a bra top and mini skirt. Yes, there is some serious skin revealed, but the fit is tasteful and the long skirt adds to the regal quality of it all, even if it does have a massive slit up the side.

3. The hair and accessories. Again, less is more on the details front. A tightly curled bob keeps the focus on the fashion, black sandals don't detract from any element, and signature red lips keep America's Sweetheart looking like an old Hollywood icon.

We can't remember the last time Taylor made a fashion misstep, and if this look is any indication, it's not about to happen again any time soon!

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