Lady Gaga

Theo Wargo/Getty Image

We've got to give Lady Gaga credit for starting conversations with her completely and totally ridiculous lookseven if the conversation is usually about the fact that the getups are insane.

The time the "G.U.Y." singer is giving us gossip fodder and a guessing game! Which white, hairy thing is the pop star channeling with this "outfit?" A shaggy, four-legged family pet? Everyone's favorite cold-weather teddy? Or a yeti?

Most sheep dogs have a black spot or two around the eye or body, so we're going to eliminate that option right off the bat. And if the "DOPE" singer wanted to dress as a polar bear, she'd go with a bigger head piece and some form of claw accessory around the hands. So by process of elimination, this appears to be her interpretation of a terrifying snow creature taking the city. Sort of like Godzilla but somehow scarier.

And with that finally decided, we say, Happy Birthday Lady G! Thanks for always keeping us on our toes.

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