Lady Gaga, Rihanna


If there were any two celebrities who would compete against who makes the better Abominable Snow-woman, it would be Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Both edgy dressers stepped out in sidewalk-grazing outerwear that looks like it's made from a massive polar bear (hopefully the giant stuffed one you see at a carnival, not the sweet swimming version you see at the zoo...).

We get that the "G.U.Y." singer needs to cover up in (still) freezing cold NY, but where is the Bahamian singer at that short shorts work but a fur sleeping bag is still required?

That combo of gym gear and formal fur is throwing us off, especially with the sneaks. From the back, Ri-Ri looks like Liberaci, but from the front, she's a gym bunny. The ARTPOP topper's insane platform pumps may be totally OTT, but at least they're in line with the rest of the costume, white wig included.

We're going to award Gaga the win for consistency, despite the crazy. What's your take?

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