Jaime King

Donato Sardella/WireImage

Jaime King's Thakoon Addition ensemble is taking us back to two rough memories. 1. That time Mom threw our favorite baggy sweater in the wrong dryer cycle and 2. The '90s in Seattle.

We can't decide if the Hart of Dixie star was going for a grunge redux or a laundry malfunction re-purposed, and we're even more confused about whether or not we like the look. On the one hand it's cozy-meets-sexy. On the other hand, she looks a bit like a Nirvana-lover gone oddly formal.

If we could keep or toss this look based on shoes alone, it would be a, "Gotta Have It!" without a doubt. Those Charlotte Olympia ‘Kiss Me Dolores' pumps are absolute perfection, and they tie the look together well. We're also not totally opposed to the high-waisted trousers. There's a fun vintage vibe about the grey fabric and old-school fit.

So then it all comes down to the sweater... Does it absolutely ruin the rest of the vibe? We're going to be generous and say no. It's hard to make a beauty like the Sin City star look anything but chic, luckily. What's your say?

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