Charlize Theron


Charlize Theron is making every effort to protect herself from an early morning paparazzi shot. The Prometheus actress is dressed-down, hoodie-covered and crossing a busy street. But unfortunately she's still wearing Charlize Theron's face, and that is recognizable no matter what disguise she tries.

Let's save the wildly chic yoga look for a second and just focus on that absolutely gorgeous face! The "stars are just like us," saying does not apply to this beauty. We need to know exactly what combo of products she's using and where we can get them today.

But natural gifts aside, the Young Adult actress still manages a casual cool with her sweats set. The grey bottoms are cozy without being too baggy and the well-fit hoodie sits over a simple-but-cute tank.

For us, this situation proves that some people just have "it." It being god-given good looks, flawless style and a dedication to early morning exercise. Now please excuse us while we go sign up for a yoga class. It seems to be the very least we can do to "Charlize" ourselves.

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