Kate Mara

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

It's not that we instantly hate Kate Mara's pointy top, it's just that it remind us of a combo between our Mom's mile-high shoulder pads from the '80s and Lady Gaga's brief shoulder implant obsession. And as much as we love our Mom and Lady Gaga, their style choices are not so successfully combined.

The H&M Conscious Collection combo at the Eveleigh event has a fun, ethnic feel, but those ruffles are distracting from an overall pretty palette. Then again, the pantswhich appear to be what matador's wear?might need some distracting from...

We're going to say that the blouse minus the pants, or with another top, might save this look. Something about the drama in both places is way too much. Then again, a simple snip of the puffed sleeves could solve everything, though we suspect H&M wouldn't take too kindly to that...

Sorry Kate. We know you were supporting a great cause, but it's a, "make them stop" ruling in our book. What's your say, fashion fans?

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Do you approve of Kate's puffy sleeves?
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