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We can't decide if this is a good or bad thing. On the one hand, Ryan Seacrest should be pleased that he's in the same fashion company as the ever avant-garde Jared Leto. But on the other hand, bro stole his exact style. The other thing different between the consumate host and Academy Award-nominated actor is the color of their respective bow ties.

It's hard for us to vote against "Jordan Catalano" in any race, plus, there's something bold about the choice of maroonkind of like the choice of being a man with long, ombre locks.

But Mr. American Idol is about as classic as they come with his white top and black tie. Considering this is Hollywood's most formal event, is his option the better choice?

It's too tough for us to choose. What's your say?

1 Fashion Police March 2 Poll
Who looks better in his white tux look?
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