ále by Alessandra, Alessandra Ambrosio

ále by Alessandra

Kudos to enterprising supermodels who make the transition from clothing wearer to clothing designer, but Alessandra Ambrosio might want to go back to the sketch book on this specific design.

Is this supposed to be a big-bottomed bikini or a two piece romper? The bustier cropped top reminds us of vintage swim wear, but those short shorts are way too high-waisted for tanning purposes. Maybe the original design was a mini skirt, but the Victoria's Secret star decided to get creative?

We're not sure if this material is water proof, but we're pretty certain only .01% of the populace could pull this look off anywhere but a private pool. Not to say that the ále by Alessandra designer needs to make clothes for every shape of woman, but she might sell more if they're not all fit for her own perfect figure.

We would absolutely love this look if the bottoms were a circle skirt, flowy maxi or even wide-legged weekend pants. But as is, this tiny summer suit is too terrifying to consider even trying on.

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