Naomi Watts

Venturelli/Getty Images for Bulgari

We've seen dresses made of everything from meat to candy (both on the same person!), but Naomi Watts' latest cocktail frock is a special brand of crazy. Are those giant band-aids wrapped around her body?!

That's certainly what The Impossible star's Christopher Kane design resemblesunless they're pint-sized, bendy snowboards, but that's even more insane than giant wound covers.

Here's the evidence we've collected to support our case:

1. We are almost certain we had those exact same sparkly, fuscia boo-boo fixers when we were little.

2. Few objects have that same rounded-edge shape and can totally conform to the body.

3. The way each piece is haphazardly slapped on feels like a first-aid fashion moment...

So whether or not those are actual band-aids, they don't make a dress we can actually support. Agree or disagree?

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What's your take on Naomi's boo-boo cover couture?
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