Katy Perry, Moschino

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

If a young Blair Waldorf (RIP Gossip Girl...) had to celebrate the life of a fallen Manhattan tycoon, Katy Perry's getup is exactly what she would wear.

Is Moschino trying to get into the business of dressing wealthy 5-year-olds for their society family funerals? The "Dark Horse" singer's cat walk couture certainly makes it look that way, though her school girl bob and hair bow are mostly to blame.

Some pieces of this all-black suit make acceptable attire for an adult, but it all feels too much like Chanel-gone-goth. Between the long, thick black overcoat and silk black cocktail dress, we could see this on a super rich Wednesday Addams, but the gold chains, lining everything from the shoes to the purse, make it equally Mob Wives.

Bottom lineit doesn't belong on the color-loving "Roar" singer. Though if she ever does have a swanky memorial service to attend, she could ditch the headband and easily blend in among the Muffy's and Quinn's.

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