Lady Gaga

Raymond Hall/GC Images

We're constantly trying to come up with real-life references for Lady Gaga's out-of-this-world attire. There was her Maleficent costume, her Christmas tree couture and a a cat suit that reminded us of the Cheetos Cheetah.

But we're confident that this is the most accurate description we've ever come up: the Mother Monster looks exactly like an ancient Roman soldier in a 1920s flapper costume!

That stiff, skirted white suit...the feathered head-piece... those shoes that look ready to hit the underground jazz club! It's as if the ARTPOP performer stepped out of a time machine that went from 27 BC to 1927 AD! Or that she's a marble statue come to life and hiding at a Great Gatsby party, which would be an awesome start to a romantic comedy...

But considering it's 2014, and winter, the "Do What U Want" singer's Alexander Wang creation is just plain weird. At least this time we figured out exactly how to explain why!

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