Elizabeth Banks

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Word to the wise: If you happen to be dressed like a vintage kitchen floor, do not stand on a vintage kitchen floor!

In fairness, Elizabeth Banks is committing a fashion sin that we didn't even realize existed. The Lego Movie star's Roksanda Ilincic frock against this1950s backdrop makes her look like she's acting in some classic TV commercial for Listerine!

Oh wait, she is promoting the mouthwash brand in sunny Los Angeles, but that is beside the fashion point. 

We can't fully blame the recent birthday girl for this odd outfit choice. Apparently the marketing moment she's a part of is all about freshness so the cool, color-blocked frock is part of the theme.

We don't mind the sleeveless top and mini-flare on the skirt. The defined waist also makes the genius behind "Effie Trinket" look incredible tiny.

But that still doesn't change the fact that all we think of when we look at those square pastels is Nanna's shiny kitchen floor. We can practically smell the fruit cake in the oven.

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