Anna Wintour, Anna Dello Russo

Michael Stewart/WireImage; Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

If this isn't an oh no she didn't moment, we don't know what is.

At left is Anna Wintour in high-fashion fur from the house of Prada. It's the sort of wildly memorable statement piece that only the Vogue editor can get away with given her status as the high priestess of style.

But apparently, Anna Dello Russo begs to differ. Not only did the Vogue Japan editor steal her colleague's coat in dress form but she did it in New York City aka Anna W.'s turf.

Can we get a couture cat fight call?!

We hate to add insult to injury (and piss off the icy American editor), but Anna D's piece is far more sensible than her famous frenemy. Yes, sensible for a giant modern art painting on a shift dress, but still. There's something about the lady face inside other Anna's fur that it just too over-the-top, even for the woman responsible for defining that line.

So we say shame on you Dello Russo for a rude fashion move but kudos for coming out on top style wise. Now if we were you, we'd make sure you still have a job tomorrow morning.

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