Lupita Nyong'o

Getty Images

A quick disclaimer before we discuss Lupita Nyong'o's recent red carpet wear. When we say "fail" where the Academy Award nominee is concerned we mean "not as perfect as all her perfect looks to date." The newly cemented celeb is suffering from a case of wildly high expectations, and when we have two looks in one day to compare, it's even worse!

Case in point, this mocha Valentino stunner versus the lackluster Christian Dior dress.

It's not even a fair fight because this perfect-latte colored couture is so incredible on the Kenyan beauty's body. The strappy neckline highlights her strong shoulder and the straight shape is equally flattering. Plus, no one else in the world could wear that shade so well.

So it's not that the floral Dior is ugly, it's just boring in comparison. The '50s style doesn't highlight the SAG-winner's shape, the florals are dated and we'd prefer something more interesting than a crew neckline.

Is this a sign of more fashion fails to come?! No way. 1 miss out of 20 home run swings is still pretty perfect style stats.

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