Rita Ora

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We feel like there's a Tin Man reference to be made here, except in Rita Ora's case, it's a brain not a heart she's missing...

This metallic coat and jumpsuit combo (at least we think it's a jumpsuit? the shine is blinding us!), is a case of way too much look. We'd say we're happy to see the "How We Do" singer fully covered for a change, but less is definitely more when it comes to aluminum attire.

Would the whole look be better if the jacket was shorter and the bottoms were a different fabric? It's hard to say. The sheen on that silver might be tacky no matter the shape or size. The bold Brit sort of looks like she's wearing one of those capes they give marathon runners after the race to provide warmth.

And given that "style" reference, we can't possibly call this OK. What's your take?

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What's your take on Rita's tin foil fashion?
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