Bradley Cooper

Marc Piasecki/WireImage

Wow. What a shame. Looks like the fame really went to Bradley Cooper's coat...

But seriously, what is that thing! Technically the answer is a Vivienne Westwood burgundy double-breasted coat from the recent Fall 2014 collection, but who does the American Hustle star think he is wearing it? Our answer is, Steve Van Zandt in the Sopranos and/or our Uncle Tony from Staten Island, both of whom we love but neither of whom we'd recommending impersonating.

If this coat was just a foot shorter, it would make a striking suit. The wine color is bold, but we like a man willing to take fashion risks. The Academy Award nominee chose a smart, wing-tipped shoe, which we fully support. He's even rocking a sensible business-man blue shirt and plain plaid tie. So this really is a death-by-jacket ordeal.

Something tells us this major moment has something to do with Bradley wanting to impress the fashionable french. In that case, we'd like to recall a famous Parisian fashion phrase: t'as l'air stupide. That shouldn't be too tricky to translate...

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