Jordin Sparks

Joe Kohen/Getty Images

Did Jordin Sparks recently suffer a major, full-body performance injury? Did her doctor only release her from the ER if she promised to wear a full body cast?

Or maybe she's planning to sing on a slippery surface and thought this Band-Aid attire would save her in case of a fall?

Ooh! Or could it be that the former American Idol winner is having a piece of modern art made from the mold of her body and the plaster cast phase is just terribly timed?!

We don't care how hot the "Sparkle" star's body looks in this mini.  The design is way too hospital-inspired for red carpet wear!

Yes, winter white is hot. But with the high-neck, long-sleeves and thick fabric, it somehow ends up looking like a giant medical supply.

We prefer our casts covered in glitter ala Mariah Carey's outrageous arm slings and we prefer our A-list celebs in dresses that don't look like they're holding together a hundred broken bones.

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