Chrissy Teigen

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

If you take away the sheer panels, low v-shape and perfect human specimen wearing it, Chrissy Teigen's top is just your average granny bra.

The straps are wide. The boob covers have that vintage, "cross your heart" shape. It's even in boring ivory versus sexy black or red. And yet somehow on the supermodel, it looks like the world's sexiest ta-ta support. We don't know whether to credit the creative time at ADEAM or the parents who blessed this beauty with her body!

Part of what makes this simple top pop are the other elements of the ensemble. That pale cream skirt has such a sophisticated look thanks to the straight cut, but a well-placed side slit makes it total vixen wear. Same goes for the elegant blazer. The newly married lady casually slings it over her shoulders for a natural, I wake up looking like this feel. Slightly messy locks support that cause, and simple pointy toed shoes finishes it off expertly. 

So Chrissy, if you're reading, please turn this fashion moment into a line of wearable, chic sports bras! You'll have every gym bunny in the world as your customer.

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