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    Katy Perry's Latest Fashion Disaster Looks Like It Was Made With Old Curtains—See a Pic

    Katy Perry Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

    Alert the fashion police, because we have an offender right here!

    Who told the beautiful Katy Perry that it was a good idea to hide her glam self in an outfit that resembles old curtains?

    The "Roar" singer caught everyone's attention on the red carpet of a Grammys event honoring The Beatles in Los Angeles on Monday, Jan. 27—and not in a good way.

    Out of all of the gorgeous gowns that the lovely singer undoubtedly had to choose from, Perry opted to wear a floral Dolce & Gabbana gown that was an unflattering mix of drapes and a cape.

    Perry proudly paraded around on the arm of John Mayer throughout the evening affair.

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    But even he seemed reluctant about getting too close to the unfortunately shiny ensemble. It seems as though the gorgeous 29-year-old hasn't been hitting the fashion high notes lately.

    At the Grammys, the star stepped out in a sheer Valentino gown with musical notes printed along the bottom. Okay, A for effort—maybe even an A+ for appropriateness—but still.

    She then changed into a witch-themed hot little number for her "Dark Horse" performance.

    Perry rocked a crop top with a red cross on it, lace tights and a sheer skirt while she twerked and showed off her best stripper moves on a witches broom. Yep, that happened.

    What do you think of her latest outfit? Tell us in the comments section below!

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