Jennifer Hudson

Courtesy Carnival Cruise Lines

Did Jennifer Hudson pull a style surrender? Was the wide-necked jumpsuit too tricky to solve with fashion tape so she just threw caution to the wind (and by caution we obviously mean her ta-tas)??

That feels like the only logical explanation for this awkward attire. We doubt designer Isabel Marant intended for her modern black jumpsuit to play second fiddle to a silky black bra. Plus, it feels like one properly placed safety pin could solve this whole mess.

What's frustrating is that minus this "accident" the look would be sleek and chic. The belted style highlights J.Hud's awesome figure, and the peg-leg pants work with the wide shouldered top. Saint Laurent booties finish it off in fashionable style, and the Black Nativity actress's spikey pixie has never looked better.

Sometimes less sexy is actually more flattering, and by "less sexy" we mean less black bra sticking out for absolutely no reason.

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