Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence

Matt Sayles, Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

We can't decide what's crazier: that Amy Adams' 2014 Critic's Choice Awards dress is so wildly similar to Jennifer Lawrence's 2012 SAG Awards attire, or that we noticed the copy!

Two years after the then Winter's Bone star stepped onto one of her very first red carpets, the Her actress rocked this equally pink, black-bowed, full-length look. No, Amy's lipstick pink Roland Mouret isn't identical to JLaw's Barbie car Oscar de la Renta, but we bet they're way too close for her stylist's comfort...

Right off the bat, we're giving the superior shade award to Amy. Her paler pink is less intense than the Hunger Games star's high school girl hue. In terms of design, let's start with the neckline. Jennifer's cut-up top is almost as unique as her co-star's mini cape, but we prefer the more sophisticated scoop of the latter to that four strap situation on the former. On the bottom, however, a little leg goes a long way. Amy could use some of the extra sexy that Katniss exudes. And finally, those matching black bows. We prefer the understated elegance to the statement waist syncher.

So that's Amy: 3, Jennifer: 1. Both their stylists: 0. Agree or disagree?

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