Bethenny Frankel

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

We've never thought of Bethenny Frankel as much of a fly girl, but in this fab black jumpsuit, she's practically Jennifer Lopez circa 1995.

Yes, the massive hoop earrings and super-teased hair are missing, but this is still much more swagger than we're used to seeing from the Bethenny talk show host.

Is she's trying to give close friend and mentor Ellen DeGeneres a run for her money by appealing to the cool kids? If so, Frankel's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon appearance was a smart second step. 

We love a sexy one-piece as much as the next modern girl, but this one is a little low in the crotch for the slight former Real Housewives of New York City star. A tighter fit throughout would highlight her slight bod. That said, those peep-toed booties are amazing enough to make this whole outfit.

Maybe Bethenny is turning over a new fashion leaf for 2014? Perhaps one that will help her fit in with new BF "Mack" on future trips to ghetto fab Miami?

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