Rachel Bilson


We worshiped the fashion ground Rachel Bilson dressed on...until this moment. Yes, it looks like she's getting on or off a flight, and yes, it's freezing cold in most of the country, but does that excuse this mixed-and-mismatched Salvation Army style?

As much as we love our favorite O.C. alum, we have to say no. The LA-native should probably know how to dress for cool temps at this point, and she should definitely know that airports are a prime location for the paps...

So how would we improve upon this mess of colors and fabrics? Three simple steps:

1. Pick one Aztec print. We love the vintage patterns as much as anyone, but too much of a good thing is very bad.

2. Wear pants that fit. These days, they make very cozy travel clothes that fit the frame without looking like you grabbed grandpa's sweats out of the laundry by accident.

3. Select one massive item per look. A giant zip-up sweater is perfect with a fitted shirt underneath, but this XXL x2 situation is not flattering for a small frame, or any frame!

We suspect the Hart of Dixie star is just exhausted from holiday travel and will be back to her fashionable self in no time. Perhaps right after she reads this post.

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