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    The Girls of Girls Step Out in Style for Their Season 3 Premiere: Which Lady Looks Best?

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    Jemima Kirke, Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet, Girls
    Jemima Kirke, Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet, Girls Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

    TV's most famous twenty-somethings are finally back, and from the looks of their red carpet getups, it's going to be another splashy-meets-trashy season. We love that Jemima Kirke, Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, and Zosia Mamet are as different as their on-screen characters. It's like a Sex and the City event all over again! Let the games begin.

    Jemima Kirke Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

    Jessa, Jemima Kirke. We're not sure we can keep thinking of this bawdy Brit as the edgy fourth wheel thanks to this one-of-a-kind vintage Geminola dress. The pale pink feels like something "Marnie" would wear, and the cut is far more covered than we expected. Does this signal a softer side of the wild child to come? We hope not...

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    Lena Dunham Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

    Hannah, Lena Dunham. We've compared the clothes of show biz's youngest triple threat (writer/director/actor in this case) to everything from a slightly peeled banana to grandma's Palm Beach couch, and the madness doesn't stop with this New Year's Eve ball of a gown from Rochas. The cut would be more flattering if it was more fitted throughout the waist, but our biggest issue is the glitz on glitz from the matchy-matchy shoes. We get that it's Lena's big night, and now so does that rest of the world.

    Allison Williams Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

    Marnie, Allison Williams. Ugh this is such a Marnie dress... We've wondered if there's much difference between the prim-and-proper character this tall, brunette beauty plays on TV and her actual self. Thanks to this Christian Dior dress, we think we have our answer. The icy color is lovely, but the mini cut in a circle skirt feels too much like an Upper East Sider's sweet sixteen dress.

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    Zosia Mamet Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

    Shoshanna, Zosia Mamet. Frankly, we could have just skipped the previous four paragraphs because Zosia knocks the rest of the girls right out of the competition in this LBD. The Saint Laurent frock is as sweet as it is sexy, fits her body like a glove and looks even hotter with the addition of those tousled locks. And if that wasn't enough, we're in love with the gold patent pumps. "Sosh" may play the runt of the group on TV, but she's currently killing it on the real world fashion front.

    Who is your favorite Girls girl?

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