Miranda Kerr, Gwen Stefani, Sarah Jessica Parker


As far as we're concerned, winter is a dead zone when it comes to street style. If we were a celeb, we'd forget any attempt to look chic while in a massive sleeping bag of a coat. And yet four of our favorite A-listers manage to stay warm in the most frigid temps we've seen in years. All with looks that actually qualify as cute! Guess that's why they pay them the big bucks...

Miranda Kerr


Barely There Bundling: Miranda Kerr's overcoat must be made of the warmest wool around, because it looks like a light spring jacket! The supermodel mom's thick, leather pants are likely keeping those tiny legs heated, but her grey sweater and black topper have got to be lined with that amazing hand warmer packet technology!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Splash News

Sleek Sleeping Bag: Leave it to the quintessential New Yorker to show us a puffy coat done right. Sarah Jessica Parker's parka is massive but manages to stay cute thanks to a fur hood, tight fit and mid-leg length. Of course those black and gold high top sneaks and light-wash jeans aren't hurting...

Gwen Stefani


Ski Slope Style: We're shocked that Gwen Stefani is out on the ski slopes with her baby bump, but it's no surprise that she's doing it in style. This army green jacket appears to be fleeced-lined for extra coziness and warmth, and as far as we can tell, the No Doubt frontwoman is wearing two more shirts to stay heated. Hopefully there are long johns under her ski pants and two pairs of wool socks inside her boots, since she's technically dressing for two!

Olivia Wilde


Light Winter Wear: Gwen might want to send a note to fellow pregnant celeb Olivia Wilde. The Drinking Buddies star looks like she's barely dressing for one in this short jacket and simple jeans combo. Maybe having a baby on board provides natural body heat because the future Mrs. Jason Sudeikis appears to be in thin yoga pants and a black t-shirt! That or she had a craving so strong she couldn't be bothered to put on more layers?

With frigid temps in this week's forecast, we'll be looking forward to more celeb style inspiration...as we sit on our couch with a hot cup of tea!

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