Kim Kardashian


There's little we love more than a style conspiracy theory. Especially one surrounding a celeb as hot as Kim Kardashian.

Today's mystery: is she or isn't she wearing something under that long, black trench coat?? We've looked this shot of the future Mrs. Kanye West from absolutely every angle, and we still can't tell. Was that the new mamma's intention all along? If so, she's even more of a paparazzi game changer than we thought. 

As far as we can tell, there are three clues that support our no-clothes conclusion:

1. A whole lotta leg! If baby North's mom is wearing something under there, it's something very skimpy...

2. A super tight hold. Would Kim be grabbing that jacket quite as close to her body if she wasn't trying to protect what's below?

3. Those sexy ankle booties. When preparing to go commando, a perfect shoe makes the birthday suit shine.

Yes, chances are there's a hot little mini under this sleek black jacket, but we prefer our theory to the truth, especially because Kim could totally pull it off!

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