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    New Year, New Her! Five Celebs We Hope Perform a Style 180 in 2014

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    Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus
    Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus Getty Images

    This year, in addition to our own resolutions (which are the oh-so-typical eat healthier, exercise more and spend less time on our smart phones), we thought we'd resolve it forward, so to speak, by making some style suggestions for the faltering celebs among us. 2013 was an incredible year for A-list style, but there were some slip ups that have us toasting on a glass of bubbly to a style 180...or five.

    Alicia Keys Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

    Celeb: Alicia Keys

    Resolution: No more crazy pantsuits!

    We recommend the "Girl On Fire" singer steer clear of outfits that make her look like a cross between a Smurf and Austin Powers, though we can't imagine she could find another ensemble quite like this bright blue disaster. We appreciate the departure from her usual skin-tight dresses, but this combo is way too clown like for our tastes.

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    Miley Cyrus, 2013 American Music Awards Kevin Winter/Getty Images

    Celeb: Miley Cyrus

    Resolution: Put some pants on!

    We get that the "Wrecking Ball" singer is in the middle of her wild and sexy phase, but enough is enough with the leotard looks! First of all, it's totally stolen from Beyonce (though she goes much classier with sensible cuts), but more importantly, the "XO" singer knows it only works on stage! We much prefer the former Disney star's skin tight leggings and cropped tops phase to this obsession. 

    Heidi Klum Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

    Celeb: Heidi Klum

    Resolution: Cool it on the color!

    We called this look on the Project Runway host Fifty Shades of Red, but that's only the beginning of its issues. The boots look like they belong on a streetwalker, the shirt is oddly tucked into the mini, and that bow tie is completely ridiculous. Heidi needs to remember that less is more, especially in the color department. 

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    Ellen Page Survivor, PacificCoastNews

    Celeb: Ellen Page

    Resolution: Nix the hobo chic

    The Touchy Feely star needs to remember that there's dressed down, and there's dressed homeless. We hate to say it, but she looks like she grabbed these pieces out of the dumpster. Nothing matches, the pants and top are five sizes too big, and we're pretty sure most of it is dirty. We know it's hard for a celeb to always be "on" but this is way too "off".

    Kesha, Ke$ha Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Banana Republic

    Celeb: Ke$ha

    Resolution: Remember that the '90s are over!

    We understand the "Timber" singer's issue. We too are children of the '90s, and sometimes we're dying to throw on our tie-dyed T-shirts and Wigwam socks too, but we quickly remind ourselves that the days of DayGlo are over and simply throw on a slight bit of neon instead. Ke$ha should follow that same advice moving forward. Though in this getup, she's doing a pretty incredible Kimmy Gibbler impression. 

    Here's to a 2014 filled with less fashion misses and more style hits, especially for these five ladies...

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