Ashley Tisdale

Amanda Edwards/WireImage

One of two things is going on here: Ashley Tisdale is sick and tired of wearing tight mini dresses or her manager woke her up from a deep sleep and gave her 30 seconds to get dressed.

We would love if it was the latter, but chances are the singing star actually thinks this giant frock is legitimate fashion. We love a maxi dress (more so in the summer, but still), but there's a difference between a voluminous dress and a nightgown, a difference pretty well explained with this example.

We appreciate that the "You're Always Here" singer tried to make this look more legit with the cropped moto jacket, and the long necklace is another nice touch. But this slumber style needs to be hemmed three inches and taken in at least two sizes around the waist.

And while she's at it, the newly-engaged celeb might want to run a comb through her hair so it looks even less like she rolled out of bed.

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