Kim Kardashian, THR

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

We've got it! Kim the library...with the wrench!

Just kidding. We know it's the future Mrs. Kanye West at The Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Breakfast with the rest of her family, but if the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star happens upon a Clue costume party, she'll be perfectly dressed to play the famous condiment-colored Colonel. The question is, is she properly dressed for anything else?

For starters, we'd thrilled to see North West's mamma in something other than her signature black, cream or white. This hue is jarring at first thanks to the matching silky cocktail dress and overcoat, but few people can wear the jewel-toned sun shade and Kim is definitely on that short list. It glistens against her skin.

So, would we prefer a pattern or embellishment to break up the sun-shine effect? Yes, but we commend Kim for rocking such a bold choice, and not just because it made us want to break out our favorite childhood board game. What's your take?

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What's your take on Kim's mustard look?
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