Debra Messing

Sylvain Gaboury/ USA

Quick! Somebody save Debra Messing! Her massive fur coat is eating her alive! So far it's gobbled up everything from her knees to her neck, but it looks seconds away from swallowing her head!

We're only half kidding. It really does look like this massive Dennis Basso mink is about to end Debra as we know her. While it may be good for warding off the cold, it's not exactly a flattering fashion choice.

Sadly warmth may be the only positive about this super puffy design. The deep mint color makes TV's "Grace" look like she's wearing a Christmas tree costume; the high collar gives her a strange floating head, and the military-style belt feels out of place against this wildly formal fur. 

In the end, we wish the tables were turned and something was attacking the outerwear, though that's essentially what we're doing with this post so, mission accomplished!

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