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Can't Lady Gaga just slap on an ugly sweater like the rest of us?

No, of course not. She has to outdo the most outrageous of the Christmas-themed getups by dressing as an actual tree. We shouldn't be so surprised, given her recent run of kitschy clothes (the plaid leopard with a tail, the "teddy bear" mask, the Mona Lisa bed sheet, etc.), but this feels a bit cheesier than the "Applause" singer's recent styles. Especially since it was worn right after her Jingle Ball performance. What could the deeper meaning be??

We can only assume it has something to do with the spirit of the season, given how message-oriented the "Do What U Want" artist tends to be. So then maybe the tiny pine is her take on the Charlie Brown tree...which is a symbol that all things should be loved no matter their appearance...which ties back to the whole "Born This Way" campaign...which is at the heart of the Mother Monster's overall schtick!

And with that, we just spent 10 minutes making a ridiculous Christmas tree hat meaningful. Lady Gaga: 1, Us: still 0...

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