Sofia Vergara

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Sofia Vergara is wearing something very similar to the outfit we tried to rock to a Winter Ball sometime around 1997. Ours featured a baby tee and dark brown lipstick, but the short shorts and black tights were the same. Apparently the ABC star's mom didn't stop her before she could sneak out of the house...

We don't deny that Sofia looks hot (per usual) in these mini bottoms, but she also looks like a defiant 16-year-old. Are her much younger co-stars rubbing off or is this some kind of not-quite-mid-life crisis, of the style variety?

We'll go easy on the Colombian beauty since the rest of this look is fairly covered up. Yes, we can see her black bra, but it's under a sophisticated blouse, and the truth is, she could be wearing those lacy leg-showcasers without the tights.

Plus, why dress your age when you still look and feel like you're in high school? Note: that's only if you look like Sofia Vergara.

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