Sigourney Weaver, Reese Witherspoon

Mike Pont/Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Is this a case of imitation being the greatest form of flattery? Reese Witherspoon no doubt respects her acting elder Sigourney Weaver but it's a little creepy to compliment a celeb by stealing her style.

We're more surprised to see the Mud star in this black-and-blue look than the Avatar actress. The high neck and synched bodice give it a more mature feel than the blonde beauty typically wears. No, we're not calling the Sigourney old, we're just suggesting, in the most PC way possible, that she prefers covered-up looks like this cocktail dress...

Age issues aside, we actually think the look works better on Sigourney. There's something about the longer length that works better on the somewhat boxy style. Reese likely hemmed the look to better fit her slight frame, but it just ends up feeling like she's trying to turn something sophisticated into a sexier LBD.

Sigourney wins this style round in our book. What's your take?

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