Mariah Carey

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It must be so hard to be Mariah Carey. You have to constantly outdo yourself in the diva department with sparkly gown after sparkly gown. Add to that, one Christmas tree lighting in front of millions of viewers and you've got a real fashion freak out on your hands, that is if you're anyone but Mariah Carey.

We can only assume the "All I Want For Christmas Is You" singer has an entire closet full of holiday-ready wear, like the two gowns she wore to the Rock Center Christmas tree lighting. Let's not forget that this is a woman who had custom, bedazzled slings made for her formerly hurt arm.

So now thanks to Mimi's double sexy style, we get to play a little game of which look works best!

Since the hour glass shape on both of these body-hugging gowns is almost identical, the race comes down to color and embellishment. We're a sucker for sparkles, but there's almost too much going on with the winter white look. It's like Mariah is a giant, jewel-encrusted iPhone case! The red dress has a hot Mrs. Claus quality, plus we love Mrs. Nick Carter in scarlet, the color of the season.

This makes the Christmas gown an easy winner in our book. Agree or disagree?

AA Fashion Police Dec 4 Poll
Which Mariah look do you prefer?
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