Carmen Electra

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

You know you've crossed the line when there's more cutout to your gown than there is actual fabric!

Carmen Electra's slinky black look definitely qualifies for that category. The three holes up top are so wide that we can see left and right side boob as well as a good chunk of under arm. Either those fabric slices are poorly tailored or Carmen is trying to make "pit cleavage" a thing (Ed Note: Please forgive us for saying "pit cleavage." We just didn't know what else to call it!)

We can see that the "I Like It Loud" singer attempted to go sophisticated with this style. The sequined long sleeves have a formal, Christmas-time feel, and the bottom is far from her typical mini skirt territory.

But unfortunately, there's no way to wear a gown with a gaping hole in the chest and still come out looking classy. Especially if your accessories are a sky high ponytail and orange skin.

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