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At first we thought Rihanna looked like a modern Catwoman, but something about her crushed velvet leotard gave off a more specific vibelike something we see once every four years on a balance beam...

If you slapped an American flag on the front of this bodysuit it would make a super sexy Olympic gymnast uniform! You'd have to also change the color to red, white or blue, trade the boots in for bare feet and add a million more sequins, but the comparison is still uncanny.

But since the "Pour It Up" singer obviously isn't headed to perform her floor routine, we're not so sure about this style. Yes, the no pants trend is way overdone, but we rarely see it as a full-on bodysuit, and on a body this perfect, it really works. That said, the thigh-highs turn this into streetwalker style, even if Ri-Ri's top is fully covered.

Can the Bajan beauty get away with it? Of course. But we suspect a look like this would get her thrown off the Dream Team faster than you can say Béla Károlyi.

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