Rita Ora


Leave it to Rita Ora to turn the most dainty color into a total diva dress.

Not only does this Elie Saab stunner have a giant slit up the front but the carefully placed lace up top isn't quite carefully placed enough. Yes, the British pop star has certainly been less covered up, but something about this pastel palette gone naughty makes this look as sexy as some of her more scandalous styles.

While we don't mind the edgy approach, it feels like this gown is two simple alterations away from being much more sophisticated. A quick stitch of the right leg slit would keep Rita's upper thigh less exposed and a bit more lace around the boobs would cover up more of that intense cleavage. With those fixes, this turns into an awards season winner.

Then again, the "Torn Apart" singer wouldn't be herself unless she was flaunting her figure and, once again, wearing way too much makeup and jewelry.

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