Mariah Carey

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

If Mariah Carey is smart, then the tiny tie holding her top together is covered in crazy glue.

If not, then "The Art Of Letting Go" singer is engaged in quite the game of fashion Russian roulette. One wrong hug and that string will come undone, revealing the rest of her rack! And as Mariah will recall from her friend Janet Jackson's Super Bowl nip slip-gate, that's not worth the extra publicity.

We can't say we're surprised that Mimi chose this body-hugging LBD for her surprise Late Night with Jimmy Fallon appearance. The mini-loving diva likes to flaunt what she's got, which includes a set of impressively perky ta-tas. She smartly lets her body do the talking and doesn't bog down the look with a bunch of accessories, though that perfectly tousled mane does slightly distract from the look.

And in the end, rumor has it, Mariah made it through the night without any malfunctions, which can only mean one thing: she hired a Boy Scout to tie that top knot.

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