Natalie Portman

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Remember when you used to make those long, shiny paper chains out of colorful gum wrappers? That's what Natalie Portman's top looks like to us.

The sparkly pinks and blues could also be from hard candy foilsmaybe a strawberry or blueberry? And could those silver shades be Hershey's Kiss foils? Either way, the designers at Christian Dior consumed a lot of sugar in the construction of this couture. 

Even if this strapless style is technically made of fabric, we're not sure we approve. The bell shape makes the Black Swan star look like she's back in her maternity wear. Slim cigarette pants give it a chic, New York vibe, but the top takes it straight into Big Apple circus territory!

Unless Natalie actually made this look at her baby son's crafting class, we're going to add it to the, "make it stop," pile. What's your say?

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What's your call on Natalie's candy wrapper couture?
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