NOV. 27, 8PM
Demi Lovato


The good news is that Demi Lovato doesn't hide her inner angst like most 20-somethings. The bad news is that whatever is going on inside her head has manifested as this look.

Just a few weeks ago we were calling the "Neon Lights" singer the next Carrie Underwood, on account of her sweet southern style, but with this all-black attire, she's more like the female Adam Lambert!

Demi Lovato

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

We'd call this Demi's "blue period" on account of the new do, but the style is way too intense to hint at any form of sadness.

As far as the fashions are concerned, we're into the leather moto jacket and vintage Zepplin t-shirt, but the rest of the look is too tattered for our tastes. Yes, ripped jeans never go out of style, but these could be from the dollar bin of the Salvation Army. The red ombre combat boots remind us of something the angriest girl from our high school made in art class.

We're looking forward to Demi getting this attitude out of her system and flipping back to something a little less scary.

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