Lea Michele, Jane Lynch,  Matthew Morrison

Bruja/Juan Sharma, PacificCoastNews.com

This may just be our sweet tooth talking, but Lea Michele's pastel skirt looks good enough to eat! ...with some Cool Whip, rainbow sprinkles and a cherry on top maybe?

Sorry, but something about the Glee star's two-tone bottom reminds us of grandma's favorite dessertsherbet! Remember how it came in the plastic tub with the pastel colors sitting side-by-side? Memories...

We totally adore the yellow and lavender pleats on this flirty Fausto Puglisi mini. Yes, they're a better for fit Easter than pre-Halloween, but pastels are in for fall.

Our issue is that black neoprene top. It takes the dress from girlish to scuba-gear inspired! We realize the bottom has a black lining to match, but that isn't helping the contrast up top. We'd prefer pretty much any other color, landing this look on our, "make it stop!" list. What's your say?

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What's your say on Lea's sherbert skirt?
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