AUG 28, 8PM
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Julianne Moore, Bella Thorne

Getty Images

It's odd to see two celebs in yellow, let alone on the same day in a month where Easter egg pastels are off the table.

Apparently both Bella Thorne and Julianne Moore are still in the springtime spirit, style-wise. The Shake It Up star rocked a sun-colored mini with equally bright pumps, and the Don Jon actress wore a daffodil shade to accept her Hollywood Walk of Fame star. 

It's hard to say which look is more out of season, but we're leaning toward Bella's bare-armed choice. The length (or lack thereof) of her skirt and bright shade of the dress are also squarely summer-inspired, which is a shame because we actually love the straight cut against the simple v-neckline.

Julianne makes a better attempt at appropriate weather wear (even if it is super hot in LA) with this 3/4 length sleeve. Her cocktail frock is also a much softer tone, making it less obviously wrong for October, though the white sandals aren't helping her cause.

Our vote goes to Julianne on this one. What's your say?