Mischa Barton

Jim Spellman/WireImage

Mischa Barton is having a rough fashion week. A few days ago we compared her style to a lack-luster Meryl Streep, and she steps out in this...situation. It's no where near the Oscars, if that was her insane inspiration.

The truth is we can't see what's really going on because of the strange white sweater jacket, but it looks like a baggy gold gown in serious need of some ironing, which is ironically the opposite of what her pin-straight hair needs.

We love a metallic look, but too much fabric makes it feel like liquid gold. A tightening of the top and some shape through the middle would probably take this from black-tie grunge to red carpet goddess, but the former The O.C. star would definitely need to lose the cover-up to make that happen.

It may have been a chilly night in New York, but a more fitted jacket with less floor-length tentacles (and by less we mean zero) would up the chic factor by 1,000%.

Here's hoping the fashion comeback starts next week...

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