Nicole Richie

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Is it us or does Nicole Richie look like she's literally wearing the entire season of fall on her body?

On second thought, isn't it more like she's playing that childhood game where you hide in a giant pile of leaves your dad just raked? Either way, this leaf-covered look is not your typical gown, which makes sense because Jean Paul Gaultier is not your typical designer.

We're desperately trying to find good in this over-the-top look because of our love for all-things Nicole, but so far we're coming up short. The reality star's slight frame is totally lost on account of the length, and the sleeves plus high neck aren't helping. We appreciate the choice of seasonal colors, but this is changing-of-the-leaves overload! And are those leopard shoes rounding out the already insane style??

Sorry Nicole. This one's going straight to the, "make it stop" pile! Do you agree or disagree?

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What's your feeling about Nicole's very Fall fashion?
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